GH Sports Coupon For Avila Beach JG's

GH Sports in SLO has graciously provided a 20% off coupon for our JG's for anything in their store.  Items you may want to purchase through GH Sports are:

1.  Swimsuit or Jammers

2.  Boardshorts (recommend Original Watermen)

3.  Rashguard (provides a layer of warmth and protects the skin when paddling and from UV Rays)

4.  Goggles

5.  Beach Towel

* See the GH Sports Coupon at   OR go directly to their web page at   

The online coupon code for Avila Beach JG's to get the 20% off of everything at GH  is  avilajg


** All of the items listed above are optional for you to purchase.  Also, you do NOT have to purchase these at GH Sports, nor do you have to purchase any specific style or color.