2021 Avila Beach JG Program Details

2021 Program Mission

We are happy to be offering the 21st year of the Avila Beach JG Program in 2021!   We have and will continue to become well versed in planning and implementing up to date SLO County and CA State COVID-19 guidelines.  Our number one priority is the safety of our JG's.  

Our motivation with offering the program this summer mirrors that of last summer.  We want to help address the social, emotional and physical well being components in our JG's lives that could very well be missing due to COVID-19 guidelines that we in SLO County have been following.  It is extremely important for the well being of our children to have an outlet to talk with, build self-esteem with, build confidence with, be challenged with and build physical fitness with their peers.  We hope to be able to offer these opportunities for our JG's in a safe, outdoor, socially distanced environment.  

We are also mindful of the well being and safety of the families of our JG's, our Instructors and their families, our Aides and their families and the larger community of Avila Beach and Port San Luis Harbor District, of which we are a part every summer.  Our over-riding goal while creating our program this summer was to be mindful of the safety of all of these groups and to design a modified program that will be as safe for all as possible.  We are grateful to Port San Luis Harbor District for their support, guidance and collaboration in helping to create this modified program.  

The 2021 Avila Beach JG Program will continue to be a modified program to conform with all SLO County and State of California COVID-19 Guidelines.  

We can not see into the future to know what the guideline changes on and/or around June 15 will be.  Our program could change a bit based on updates at that time.  The Basic 2021 Program Details (below) will NOT change.    


Basic 2021 Program Details: 

The 2021 program will happen in 2 three week sessions.  


Session 1 will be June 21 - July 9, Monday through Friday, from 9am to Noon.   150 Total JG's 


Session 2 will be July 12 - July 30, Monday through Friday, from 9am to Noon.   150 Total JG's


Cost per JG per session = $375. 


To allow for the maximum number of potential JG's to participate in our program PLEASE WAIT UNTIL SATURDAY, MAY 29 to attempt to enroll your JG in a second session.  Both sessions are wide open for double session JG enrollment starting on Saturday, May 29.    


The groups of 150 JG's will be further broken down into smaller groups of approximately 25.  So, there will be a total of 6 groups of approximately 25 on the beach in each session.

For each of these groups there will be a minimum of 1 Instructor and 3 Aides.   

Each group of approximately 25 JG's, 1 Instructor and 3 Aides will stay with their same group every day throughout the program. 

Groups will primarily be sorted by age group, but consideration to keep similar aged siblings and friends together will be accommodated again this year.  

We will not be switching groups once the program starts, so if there are any requests to keep specific JG's together in the same group you must make those requests prior to the program starting.  Once it starts there will be no switching.  

The determination on whether we do many of the tradition JG Program activities will take place after the updated guidance on/around June 15.  These activities include:

Beach Flags, Sand Sprint Relays, activities where touching each other is necessary, sharing of equipment, end of the program BBQ and competitions.  A determination regarding these activities will occur after the anticipated updated guidance on/around June 15.    


A Group Academy:

We know that we will not get all A-aged JG's in the same session at the same time, but we still plan to run the oldest aged group of each session as an A-group Academy.  Events, lecture material and written quizzes will be the same across both sessions for our oldest group, so we will have a common way to assess between different sessions.  The top 4 point scoring 15-16 year old boys and top 4 point scoring 15-16 year old girls from the combined two sessions will be offered employment as Aides for the 2022 season. 


Items to do each day:

1.  Each participant should arrive to the program having already applied sunscreen.  

2.  Wear clean uniform.  For safety purposes we are recommending washing uniforms daily.  


*T-shirts ($10) and sweatshirts ($20) will be available for purchase every day until they run out after check-in procedures are completed.  The registration cost does include a t-shirt and sweatshirt.  This is if you want to purchase extra.  


3.  Participants need to bring their own snacks and water bottles each day.  No sharing of food or drinks will be allowed.

4.  Participants need to bring their own towel each day.  No sharing of towels will be allowed.

5.  Participants need to bring their own wetsuit (OPTIONAL) each day.  No sharing of rash guards or wetsuits will be allowed.

6.  Participants need to bring their own swim-cap each day.  No sharing of swim caps will be allowed.    

* GH Sports - click on the GH Sports page heading to see information about discounts that GH Sports in SLO is offering to our JG's to help you purchase any items your JG may need.


Pre-JG Daily Check-In:

1.  Every morning when your JG arrives to the program they will need to locate the large RED JG EZ-UP on Lifeguard Tower 2 side of the beach.  JG Program Supervisor Phillip Toriello and JG Program Director Russ Edwards will be there to complete a daily temperature check, JG's will then be directed to their proper instructor/group location on the beach.  These check-in procedures will occur at the start of the JG program each day beginning at 8:40am.  


Pre-JG Day Daily Questions to ask yourself at home prior to arrival:  

Do you live with, or have you had close contact with anyone with: 

a.  a fever?   (Fever for children is 100.4 degrees for forehead and ear thermometer, 99.5 with an oral thermometer).

b.  a prolonged cough?

c.  cold or flu symptoms?  

d.  diarrhea or vomiting?  

e.  anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days?  



Daily Visual Inspection Points During The Daily Morning Temperature Screening (looking for signs of infection):

a.  flushed cheeks

b.  fatigue

c.  extreme fussiness


Supervisor Toriello and/or Director Edwards will then conduct temperature screening with non-contact forehead thermometers.  Temperatures must register below 100.4 degrees with the non-contact forehead thermometers.    


What if your JG has a fever, or exhibits signs of illness during this pre-JG program daily check-in?

Any JG's or staff who have a fever or other signs or symptoms of illness will NOT be admitted to Junior Guards that day.  They must return home.  Any JG that is sent home can return to the program after they have been symptom and fever free for 72 hours (without the use of medicine).

Any JG's or staff sent home will have their absence due to illness noted on the daily tracking chart.  


What if your JG gets sick during the JG program day?  

JG's will be monitored for signs of illness throughout the day including:

a.  Headache

b.  Fever with behavior changes

c.  Difficulty breathing

d.  Uncontrolled coughing

e.  Unusually tired

f.  Persistent crying

g.  Runny nose with colored mucus

h.  Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea

If any JG is exhibiting any of these symptoms, they will be taken to the red ez-up area - separated from their group.  They will also be required to wear a mask/face covering until they are picked up.  If they do not have a mask/face covering the JG program will provide a cloth face covering for them.  Parents/guardians will be notified and must agree to pick up their JG without delay if they are exhibiting these symptoms.  JG's will not be able to return to the program until they have been symptom free for 72 hours (without the use of medicine).  


What if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the Junior Lifeguard Program?  

In the event of an exposure to COVID-19 at the Junior Lifeguard site or stable group, Avila Beach Junior Lifeguard Program will work directly with Port San Luis Harbor District management and the SLO County Health Department to determine the best course of action for the JG program that will mitigate spread and ensure the safety of the JG participants.  


2.  Check-in will begin 20 minutes before the start of the JG's program, at 8:40am at the RED JG Ez-up.  


Daily Check Out:

We will not be walking the JG's down to the parking lot this year, as it would be impossible to keep the group socially distanced and safe.  

Instructors are going to be told to end their group and have them walking up from the beach promptly at the end of the session (11:55am).  Please arrive on time to pick your JG up, so that we do not have groups clustered at the beach after hours.  JG's will NOT be allowed to stay on the beach after program hours without a parent/guardian present.    


Items each JG will receive on their first day of the program, as part of the Registration cost:

Each JG will receive a JG T-shirt, Sweatshirt and a JG Swim Cap.  


Program Staffing: 

Like last summer, we once again plan to have increased staffing of Instructors and Aides.  

We plan to overstaff again this summer in an effort to have more eyes monitoring and keeping our JG's safe.  


Please email me any specific questions or concerns that you may have about any of the above.